"Drug Humor"? What kind of drugs will we find in Charlie's Gnarly Party?

A trained eye will find booze, pot, coke, shrooms, acid, ecstasy, Molly, Ketamine, Nitrous, crack, and meth; you know, everything you want at a party! Well, maybe not crack and meth, but who are we to judge?

The untrained eye, however, will only find a colorful party with candy and fun!

What does "Ages 1-4 and 18+" mean?

This book was created with children AND adults in mind. There are drug references throughout, but nothing a 3 or 4 year-old should recognize. When your kid is counting the “J’s” on the page, you’ll be counting the J’s you wanna smoke. Get it?

Do you accept international orders?

95% of the time, yes!

I want to sell Charlie's Gnarly Party books at my book store / dispensary / rehab clinic. Do you sell wholesale?

We want to party with everyone! Send an email to Ch[email protected] and we will work with you.

I don't understand any of the drug references, am I lame?