Charlies Gnarly Party Hard Cover

**Fun Mirror** Hard Cover!


32 pages of beautifully illustrated mouth-numbing party humor that will blow your mind, line after line!

For ages 1-4 and 18+; you’ll have to pull this book from your kid’s library when he starts asking questions:

What is that powder? Why does Buddy feel bad from his brownies? Why is Kevin krazy for K, and why does everyone love Molly?

It’s the highly-addictive kids’ book for adults, full of puns so hot they literally smoke!

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32 full-color pages of “substantial” illustration. The cover is a 4-color transparent ink process on top of reflective foil, and on top of that, an opaque 4-color ink process, all glossy–then a matte UV overlay on the “pixie stick powder” to make it reflect as seen below. So realistic, your friends will be asking you for a taste!!!  

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